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Hamika not annoying reminder

How to do not forget tasks, which should I complete, or friend's celebration?

After login to the site with your links the reminders will be displayed. This is the easy solution for recurring remarks such as birthdays, rentals, but also for irregularly recurring events such as the end of your passport validity, driving licence, ...

Today, when we use internet regularly, is good to use benefits of web reminder - it doesn't distrub us by beeping, it doesn't require to click on alarms, we can solve our tasks in time of comfort not in stress.

Many people say they remember everything. They are right, but at the time when they experience strong emotions - positive or negative (finding or losing love, high workload, ...), people forget to deal with ‘second-tier’ obligations (visa validity, vehicle technical checks, …). They can create difficulties to them.

With Hamika reminders you will no longer forget about any recorded task. When you create a reminder, you choose how many days you want to see in advance. Your reminders will never bother you. You can cancel a reminder after it has been successfully completed, even though many days after it was scheduled. For the clarity of your reminders, enter the category of each reminder. Create a new category by selecting the ‘⚠ new ☛’ category and entering the title in the next field.

Hamika not annoying reminder free

Step by step:

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